09 September 2020

Address Validation

We have seen a big increase in direct-to-consumer orders since March. We have also seen an increase in problem deliveries due to addresses on parcels not being formatted correctly.

We have updated our address validation processes, using the address validators in use by the larger couriers. When an order fails that automated process, our system flags it to us for action. We will try to fix the address. If we can’t do that, the order will be placed on hold and our system will notify you by email. Please email me (tegan@dsl.co.nz) with your preferred email address for notifications.

The main issues that we come across are:

  • The street address and the suburb are entered on the same line.
  • Addresses have a street name but no street number.
  • Addresses have a street number being a range i.e. 32-36, instead of the main number.
  • Addresses have no suburb, only the city i.e. Auckland instead of Epsom, Auckland.
  • Inconsistencies, like web orders coming through with a street address in line one, and store orders having the street address in line 2.
We would like you to do an audit of the customer addresses stored in your system. Thank you for your support in helping us to get this project underway quickly, to help us to serve you and your customers better.

Tegan Smith