28 July 2020

Create Your Own Portal

You use our portal to keep track of your orders. This reduces your need to contact our Customer Services team, as the portal contains information about the status of each order, from when we first receive it until the goods are delivered.

We have now developed a facility to create similar facilities for your own clients. That means that we can create an order tracking facility for orders supplied by you (from one of our distribution centres) for any one of your clients or for a group of them. The portal is branded with your logo and only includes their orders from you.

It is then be up to you to notify your client of their login and password, once you are satisfied with the information that it contains.

If this could be of interest to you, please contact Daniel (daniel@dsl.co.nz +64 21 877 015) or Phillip (phillip@dsl.co.nz +64 21 769 567) with the names of the clients involved or with any questions about this service.

Daniel Silva