01 January 2010

Green Confetti

The Greens and the last Labour government decided to fund a "Buy Kiwi Campaign". They spent $10.2 million from our taxes, most of it ($8.4m) with an advertising agency.

The Ministry of Economic Development has now commissioned a review from consultants MartinJenkins and Associates. The report is available from the Ministry's website.

The report concluded "there was no convincing evidence of overall impact on consumer spending", "there was a lack of conventional policy analysis" and "there was no assessment of the likely impact or of the costs and benefits". In other words, Green and Labour politicians spent our money like confetti, spraying it against the Wellington wind - and achieved nothing of any use.

We could have told them all of that before they spent a single cent of our money. The only beneficiaries were some residents of Grey Lynn, who lined their pockets with the advertising extravaganza.

Fort another example of Greens wasting your money as if there was no tomorrow, have a look at this page from the Customs website. People who were trained as a Customs officers spent an enormous amount of time calculating that Customs spent 110.7016779 tonnes of CO2 equivalent on diesel for their boats in 2006.

No doubt, this was to be measured against emissions in later years, on the road to a "carbon neutral" future. Fortunately, this whole nonsense seems to have been dropped, as there are no subsequent reports. Customs officers will not have to paddle kayaks when boarding ships.

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